MONZABURO Kiritsuke 240mm White II Steel Blade Knife

MONZABURO Kiritsuke 240mm White II Steel Blade Knife
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MONZABURO KIRITSUKE Kataba Japanese Chef Knife (9 1/2h, 240mm) White II Steel blade

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd.

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. The company has been created cooking knives for 75 years. The company has been good rival for Masamoto for a long time. Masamoto and Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd. used to make the knives in very high quality competitive place where is world famous Sakai, Osaka. Matsui Cutlery Co., is still make their knives in Sakai, Osaka.

This knife is called Kiritsuke knife which is used for slicing sashimi, peeling vegetables, and cutting most of ingredients for all around with only this one.

This knife is wider and thicker blade version of the other Monzaburo Yanagiba Style Kiritsuke Knife, but this is a regular version of Kiritsuke knife, and the other is Yanagiba style which is skinnier and narrower blade than this one for Sashimi. The blade is made out of Yasuki Shiro II ko(white II steel) which is very suitable for Japanese chef knives. It is very hard steel and hold on long time, and not much impurities in the steel.

Blade length is 9 1/2h(240mm). Blade is a good size for professional Japanese chef for all around at a small to a large commercial kitchen. Knife total length is 15 3/4h (400mm) Knife weight is 9.7oz. The end part of the back width is 4.5mm(5/32h) wide.

It is for a right hand person. Handle: magnolia with buffalo horn. It has Hongasumi style blade which is softer steel over the harder steel. The softer steel is on the body of the blade, and the harder steel (white II steel) on the edge of the blade. Those different steelsf combinations make easier to sharpen knife, and the knife stronger, and, making knife processes easier.

It comes with Magnolia Saya(wooden cover.