MONZABURO Wagyuto Honyaki White II Steel Mirror Finish 240mm

MONZABURO Wagyuto Honyaki White II Steel Mirror Finish 240mm
Item# monzaburo-wagyuto-honyaki-white-ii-steel-mirror-finish-24240
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MONZABURO Custom Wagyuto Honyaki White II Steel Mirror Finish 240mm Blade Knife w/Octagon shaped Ebony Handle w/ Magnolia wood cover

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd.

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. The company has been created cooking knives for 75 years. Matsui Cutlery Co., still makes their knives at Sakai.

MONZABURO is the one of major professional knives series of Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd.

We placed the order the knife as a custom knife.

The blade is used Japanese steel called white II steel on the whole blade by forging, which is called Honyaki. That is more cost than Hongasumi Style knives and metal plate just cutting by mold cutter as blade shape. The beautiful ripple lines on the both side of the blade are for making the spine of the blade softer, because it become shock absorber for the harder edge side. The ripple lines derive from putting on mud marks, when the blade heat up in the forge process. In the pictures, it looks some scratches and something rainbow color on the blade, but it is caused of coated liquid for preventing scratches and rust. It can be removed by washing. The handle is made with beautiful octagon shaped Ebony with water buffalo horn bolster. Those corners get to fit our hand easily and not slippery. Ebony is very hard wood, so it lasts much longer than Magnolia.

This is a custom order to Matsui Cutlery, and I asked for thinner thickness and double bevel blade edges.

HRC: 62+

Blade length is 9 1/2h(240mm).

Knife total length is 15 1/2h (395mm) Knife weight is 6.0 oz. The end part of the back of blade width is 2mm(1/8h) wide.