MONZABURO Wagyuto Knife 270mm Aoko blade

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MONZABURO WAGYUTO AOKO Japanese Chef Knife (10 1/2inch, 27cm) blade, Japanese Style American Chef Knife

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd.

Matsui Cultery Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. The company has been created cooking knives for 75 years. The company has been good rival with Masamoto company for a long time. Masamoto Company and Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd. used to make the high quality craftmanship knives at Sakai, Osaka where is the world famous cutlery products for hundreds years.

MONZABURO is the one of major professional knives series of Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd. This knife is called Wagyuto which means Japanese style of American Chef knife. It is used for all kinds of ingredients to slicing, peeling, and cutting as American Chef knife. The different between American Chef knife and this knife is the blade and the handle. The blade is not stainless steel but Japanese steel called Aoko (Blue II steel), so it is going to be rust, if we do not take care of the blade for a long time, however; it is much sharper than stainless steel and the blade of edge is last longer without sharpening the edge with whetstone. AoKo is sandwiched with two of softer steel from outer sides. The handle is just like Japanese style knife handle made with octagon shaped magnolia with double ends water buffalo horn bolster. They get to fit our hand easily and not slippery.

Blade length is 10 1/2 inch(27cm).

Knife total length is 16 1/2inch (42cm) Knife weight is 10.8oz. The end part of the back width is 4mm(6/16 inch) wide. It has double edges.

The width from the heel to the spine: 52mm (2 1/16 inch) It comes with Magnolia wood cover and paper case and instructions.