Used Shodai Masayoshi knife Set and hard case total 6 knives

Item: used-shodai-masayoshi-knife-set-and-hard-case-total-6-knive6
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Used Shodai Masayoshi knife Set and hard case total 6 knives

Shodai Masayoshi is one of the high-end knife makers in Osaka, and lots of Osaka and Kyoto side of Japanese chefs use their knives.

From the top of the picture: Shodai Masayoshi Kamagata usuba 180mm Shodai Masayoshi Deba 170mm Sugimoto Yanagiba 205mm Sanjyo Kokaji Usuba 165mm Shodai Masayoshi small Deba 105mm Sanjyo Munechika 225mm

They are as is condition. I explain it below the text. I have got them many years ago, and one of my friends had kept them for a couple years, and then he gave me back to me, and some of the knives have got deep pits by rust (black tiny dots portions in the pictures).

I have sharpened them a couple months ago, and the deep pits are already hard to remove, so I left them. Basically, they are sharp, but the edges have small chips. They are deep pits, so some of them might or should bother the sharpening later, when they come to the edge. If you are the person who really care for super sharp edge. I do not recommend to purchase them, but if you need high quality work horse knives, and you do not care for tiny edge problems, they might be good to purchase. One of Usuba has bad condition on the original handle, so I added one of new handle to replace it. If you want me to change the handle, I am happy to change the handle. Otherwise, I just leave the handle in the hard case. The hard case is in excellent condition with keys.