YOSHIKANE Wa Gyuto Tamamoku 240mm V2 Blade Knife

YOSHIKANE Wa Gyuto Tamamoku 240mm V2 Blade Knife
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YOSHIKANE Wa Gyuto Tamamoku Wood Pattern 9 1/2 inch (240mm) V2 Blade Knife With Charred Chestnut Octagonal Shaped handle with Chestnut cover

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Yoshikane Cooking Knife is made by Mr. Tsuneo Yoshida(Yoshikane Cutlery Co.) who is the third generation of Cooking Knife blacksmith with two of relative blacksmiths in Sanjo, Nigata Japan. Yoshikane Cutlery Co. keeps on making their knives with authentic way, such as Sohizukuri, Hganetsuke, fine finishing, etc. Yoshikane Tamamoku Wood Pattern knife is an ideal knife that is harder to crock and easier to sharpen the blade, and the knife is very famous with super sharp edge and fine finish.

Tamamoku Wood Pattern (Bird's eye wood pattern) style blade is made of so many times holding over Jigane and Hagane.

Blade Length; 9 1/2 inch (240mm) Handle Length; 5 3/4 inch (145mm) Total Length; 15 3/4 inch (400mm) Knife weight is 7.2oz. The heel part of the back width is 3.5mm(1/8h) wide.

HANDLE; Charred Chestnut octagonal shaped handle with Water Buffalo horn bolster Wood Cover: Chestnut BLADE; Takefu V2 (pure high carbon steel like a white II steel)